Kevin Ryan

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Bowen Techniques for TCM Practitioners

Bowen techniques: In the past this simple yet powerful set of body work techniques has been taught to osteopaths, chiropractors and remedial masseurs. The techniques commonly employ a cross fibre flicking method using relatively light pressure. Not surprisingly, the locations of the applied techniques coincide with known acupuncture points. It is the sequence of the points used that gives the techniques their power to induce change in tissue tone resulting in reduced pain and improved function. These techniques are a valuable aid to those who use TCM and its variations to treat muscular skeletal conditions. Some of the techniques have a direct and intended effect on the function of the viscera.

Dr Ryan is currently teaching Bowen Techniques for TCM Practitioners in a 2 day Workshop format.

These are proudly supported by China Books and you may direct your enquiries regarding dates and venues to either

Trevor at China Books Melbourne (03) 9663 8822


Georgina at China Books Sydney (02) 9280 1885 Georgina also looks after workshops in Queensland

Dao ma or Coupled Point, Posture Therapy (CPPTx) is a system of body work that Dr Ryan has developed gradually over the last 15 years of his practice. It involves a combination of the light touch of two or more acupuncture points with patient activated movement of the body part being treated. It is often profound in its impact on joint dysfunction and can be used successfully in the treatment of some joints that are notoriously difficult to treat. The TMJ, the neck, and the ball and socket joints of the hip and shoulder are examples. This treatment protocol is introduced in the Bowen Techniques for TCM Practitioners workshops.

He is also teaching Bowen Techniques and Dao ma for Shiatsu and Tui Na Practitioners. These are proudly supported by China Books in Melbourne. For more information about the workshops - just give us a call!