Kevin Ryan

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Dr Ryan was trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Acupuncture, graduating in 1975. This is the style of Acupuncture that Mao Zedong promoted through the training of the ‘barefoot doctors’ program and to the West at about the time of the Cultural Revolution in the 1960’s. It is not the oldest form documented. The far older (Han dynasty 500BC), and deeper acting Five Element Acupuncture was promoted to Western countries by two Englishmen, Dr Felix Mann and Professor J R Worsely both of whom had studied that version in the Orient before it was discouraged due probably to its links to Taoist philosophy. Mann wrote text books. Worsely began a teaching institute in Leamington Spa in England in the late 1950’s. He had studied with Acupuncture Masters, Ono and Hsui. Mann and Worsely served to both preserve and to spread the 5 Element approach outside of China.

After graduating Dr Ryan studied the books of Felix Mann and was attracted to the simplicity and effectiveness of this style of Acupuncture. In more recent years he has studied the variation presented by Professor Worsely.

Kevin Ryan

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Dr Ryan has a long history of providing osteopathic treatment to people of all ages. He has a special interest in the muscular skeletal care of infants and children and of all those with an inherited or acquired disability. Infant colic, digestive and some allergy conditions in children, specific health needs of children with a genetic basis such as Down Syndrome and children with acquired speech, hearing or learning difficulties are all examples of Dr Ryan’s interest areas.

Kevin Ryan

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Bowen Techniques for TCM Practitioners

Bowen techniques: In the past this simple yet powerful set of body work techniques has been taught to osteopaths, chiropractors and remedial masseurs. The techniques commonly employ a cross fibre flicking method using relatively light pressure. Not surprisingly, the locations of the applied techniques coincide with known acupuncture points. It is the sequence of the points used that gives the techniques their power to induce change in tissue tone resulting in reduced pain and improved function. These techniques are a valuable aid to those who use TCM and its variations to treat muscular skeletal conditions. Some of the techniques have a direct and intended effect on the function of the viscera.

Dr Ryan is currently teaching Bowen Techniques for TCM Practitioners in a 2 day Workshop format.

Kevin Ryan

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Dr Ryan is a qualified Naturopath. He focuses this part of his work on Homeopathy due to its effectiveness over a wide range of illnesses. He maintains one of the most comprehensive homeopathic dispensaries in Australian private practice. Dr Ryan continues to practice the broad-spectrum modality of Naturopathy including appropriate herbal medicine. He also uses the diagnostic tools of iridology and pulse examination.